You guys do a great job and it shows!  Every chance I get I tell people about this race.  Seriously! If you do no other runs this year, do this one!


- Jackie G.

Fantastically developed and managed event. What a great memorial for our fallen heroes. This will be an annual event for our family to help support the efforts for fallen firefighters here in Wisconsin and throughout the nation as well as ensure we never forget those that sacrificed everything on 9/11.


- Joe W.

Probably the best (and most emotional) 5K we have ever participated in.


- Deb B.

Wonderful event.  Can't miss running this one.  Never ever forget


- Joseph L.

Awesome event! Great reason to run and VERY WELL organized!!! Great job!

- Swenson L.

This is the first year that me, my mom & my 5 year old participated! It was beautiful and very moving! Great job by the organizers and volunteers! We plan to join you again next year.

- Teresa B.

What an amazing experience. So many people coming together to honor those who truly sacrificed it all.. and yet no high priced endorsement....all for the love of the job.. love to be able to educate my kids about the ultimate sacrifice.. these are the true heroes to look up to...


- Mary Beth L.

Thank you for putting on such a memorable honorable event!!!!


- Karen F.

I would like to encourage all my friends and family to participate in this event next year.  You think you remember, who can forget!  But time has a way of softening the edges of our memory.  I was left shivering after the beautiful ceremony, not from cold, but from emotion; from seeing the faces of the fallen and hearing the radio calls for help from the firefighters and police who responded that day. We honored their memory and showed our gratitude for those who continue to serve. 

- Carrie B.

Well organized.  Great event. This one is one of my favorite races to attend.  The course is excellent.  Thanks to the entire planning committee.  You do an awesome job.  Looking forward to next year! 

- Rhonda N.

We are new residents to Kronenwetter and are overwhelmed by the community spirit. Our son-in-law participated in the one mile firefighters run (and placed second!). I worked in DC on 9-11 and walked by the Pentagon one hour after the plane hit. We will never forget and we should always show respect and appreciation for those brave men and women who continue to chose such a noble profession.


- Kim M.

I have participated in Run For The Fallen two years in a row, and if there is ever an event that brings us all together as Americans, this is it.  Seeing the celebration and teamwork of all of us running for those that served our nation so selflessly is overwhelming and something that I will continue to do as long as the Kronenwetter Fire Department hosts the event.


- Jodie H.

I just want to say what an awesome job the organizers of this event have done so far.  The organizers, sponsors, volunteers, and Kronenwetter FD should be commended for the work they have done in making this event happen.  The website, Facebook page, FAQ sections, and other updates for this race have been extremely prompt and helpful.  I am looking forward to Saturday morning and can’t wait to participate in the events.  What a great way to honor fallen firefighters and their families.  Great job everyone and thank you!


- Jason D.

Great event. Very humbling to say the least.

- John V.

The organizers did an AMAZING job putting on this event. Everyone seemed at ease and confident in what they were all doing. I can’t wait to come back next year whether I’m volunteering or participating. Count on seeing my face one way or the other.

- Rachel D.

Great event & very organized! Loved it!!

- Christina F.

This was such an awesome event, I was proud to be a part of it! Thank you all who helped out with it! I will be thinking of all whose lives were changed on this day, 16 years ago.

- Heidi M.

I love this event.

- Laura K.

Ran the 5k with MyTeam Triumph. It was an honor to be a part of such a great event!!

- David J.

What a great day! Thanks for such a great opportunity with an awesome community!

- Melanie G.

THANK YOU and all the volunteers for hosting a stellar event.

- Jason L.

I am feeling pretty pumped. Knocked this 10k out at 65:45. It’s such an honor running and remembering those who put their lives in harms way for complete strangers. 3rd year doing this and it’s still very humbling. Thank you for putting this on.


- Renee B.

Beautiful day for a beautiful event. Coming again next year!


- Pam S.

Great job you all! You do America Proud!

- Timothy M.

Thank you for hosting this event! You couldn't have asked for better weather. Shout out to Kronenwetter Fire & Rescue,  the many volunteers and sponsors, and Kronenwetter Neighbors and Residents who made this event successful.

- Mary Jo C.

It was just as great as last year!! Will be back again next year!!

- Andrea B.

Thank You for the awesome event. Will be back next year.


- Ted W.

My first year and it was fantastic! See you next year.

- Laura B.

Looking forward to next year. Thank you for putting on the amazing event.

- Theresa S.

Awesome event! Can't wait for next year!

- Tyler F.

My wife and I walked the 5k with our kids in strollers. Was an awesome, well put together day and event!

- Carlo W.

Great event. So happy to walk the 10k this year. Thank you.

- Barbara W.

So proud to have been a part of this.

- Lisa L.

This was an amazing run. Probably the favorite run I have ever ran. Thank you!

- Conor F.

Wonderful event again this year, thank you for putting it together and to all the volunteers.

- Sara L.

You guys run a fantastic event today! So proud to be a part of this! And a big thank you to the Kronenwetter rescue truck that follow us through the 10k course, you two were the best!

- Amy M.

Beautiful and I had a wonderful time.

- Brenda L.

Such an honor to be a part of this!

- Beth W.

Thank-you for helping us all to join together to remember the fallen in a positive healthy way!

- Chris M.

Everyone did a fantastic job today! Hats off to all the event coordinators and volunteers!!

- Andrea S.

My son and I were honored to have participated in such an amazing event. Looking forward to next year.

- Connie B.

What a great event. ..great job.

- Luis L.

Very awesome . It was a very amazing emotional but amazing can't wait until next year.

- Julie B.

What a great event.  One of my favorites ever! 

- Elizabeth B.

Who helps families of our fallen fire heroes during their most difficult time?


By registering for a Run For The Fallen event, you support the programs of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, who provide assistance to families and coworkers of fallen fire heroes in the State of Wisconsin and throughout the Nation.


Show your support for America's Bravest and sign up today.

Great job to all that were involved!!

- Brenda B.

THANK YOU for another well organized, class act event. Best running event in the area. Anyone looking to up their own game should consider talking to you and attending this event. Thank you.

- Jason L.

We already have it on our calendar for next year. We really like this event.

- Becky H.

This was my first annual! Such an awesome day! The firemen’s run was really the highlight! They are truly the best.  We will never forget!

- Sandy L.

I absolutely love this event.  One of the best, if not THE best events in our area.  It is unbelievably organized and well put together.  Such a great way to honor the fallen.

- Bonnie M.