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On the morning of September 11, 2001, Officer David Lim was in the New York Port Authority K-9 office, in the basement of the World Trade Center’s Tower Two, when he heard an explosion on an upper floor. 


Thinking it was a bomb,  and feeling that he would be more efficient freehanded, Officer Lim put  K-9 Sirius in his dog crate and headed out.  Before he left, he last words to Sirius were, “I’ll be back to get you.”

Officer Lim had reached an approximate height of the 44th floor, when he heard a second explosion.  He was assisting several people down the emergency staircase, when suddenly the whole building came down around them – they were on the 5th floor by this time. 

The smell of jet fuel was heavy, so they elected to go up to what was now the top of the World Trade Center – the 6th floor.  After getting these people to safety, Officer Lim made multiple attempts to find a way to get to the basement where K-9 Sirius was crated, but was rebuffed by firefighters and police officers now trying to secure the scene and begin rescue operations. 


The New York Port Authority Police Department lost 37 officers and K-9 Sirius in the attack.

“Nobody thought these buildings would fall down,” Officer Lim stated. “At that time, I couldn’t think of a safer place for Sirius to be, than the basement, while I was helping with rescue efforts.  Not only was he my partner,  but he was also my pet and my friend.“

Sirius‘ body was recovered on January, 22, 2002.  Upon his recovery, Sirius received full police honors, including machines being silenced while everyone at Ground Zero lined up and saluted his body, that had been draped with an American flag. 

Sirius metal water bowl was also recovered that day.  It was later presented to Officer Lim with the engraved words, “I gave my life so that you may save others.”

A memorial service for Sirius was held on April 24th, 2002, at Liberty State Park in New Jersey. 

The 4-1/2 year-old Yellow Lab was the only K-9 killed in the attacks on September 11th.  


He was a first responder, a member of the PAPD, an Explosives Detection Dog, and quite possibly the first and only dog killed due to international terrorism.

Sirius became a member of the PAPD after he graduated from the Port Newark K9 Center on July 15, 2000.  

He wore PAPD Badge #17.



K9 Sirius Memorial.jpg

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